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Charlotte, North Carolina Patent Lawyers Protecting Your Ideas

Inventing a new product or process can be incredibly exciting. As you prepare to share your original creation with the world, it is important that you protect your idea. If you do not, you risk someone else passing off your idea as their own or its misuse.

On the other hand, you also need to make sure that you are not infringing on someone else’s ideas with your invention. When you get in touch with a Charlotte patent attorney, they can manage all this for you.

At Trego, Hines & Ladenheim, PLLC, we have a team of award-winning intellectual property attorneys. We assist clients here in North Carolina and all over the country. No matter where you are located in the United States, we can carefully review your situation and identify a course of legal action appropriate for your case.

In addition to your patent problems, we can also help you with trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property needs.

What Is a Patent?

If you invent a new physical product or unique method, you should get a patent to protect your legal rights to it. You can get a patent to protect all sorts of inventions, from tangible products to original methods of doing business.

It is in your interest to have a patent to protect your ideas so you are the only one who can profit from what you created. No one will be able to manufacture or distribute your product without a license. Patents do not last forever, but they can provide you with legal protection for several years.

You should look into the various types of patents that you can apply for, such as utility and design patents. If you want to protect an invention and the way it works, you should apply for a utility patent in Charlotte, NC.

For example, if you have invented a software algorithm, you could apply for a utility patent. If you have invented an aesthetic aspect of a product that does not have a particular function, you can pursue a design patent.

How Do I Get a Patent?

Although it is typically companies that apply for a patent, no matter who you are, you can apply for a patent to keep your invention safe. Before you go about the lengthy process of applying for a patent, you should make sure that your invention is one of a kind and that you are not infringing on someone else’s intellectual property.

Consulting with an experienced patent attorney is a useful way to address these issues before you put time into applying for a patent. You can then follow the steps below to effectively secure a patent.

Step 1: Get in Touch With a Patent Attorney

Your patent attorney can conduct a thorough patent search to make sure that you are not trying to get a patent for an invention that already exists. You also need to make sure that your invention serves a purpose and is not obviously a combination or enhancement of previously existing patented products.

You can only get a patent for an invention that has a clear use. If you are unsure whether your invention meets these criteria, your lawyer can help you.

Step 2: Apply for a Patent

Your lawyer will prepare the patent application. This includes documents that show the reader what your invention is about and usually include visuals. Your attorney will make sure that the application adheres to all the rules and regulations and that there are no errors.

Step 3: Patent Prosecution

After the application is filed, you will have to wait while reviewers (called patent examiners) at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) consider it. The process of looking into your application is called patent prosecution. They might reach out with inquiries about your invention, which your lawyer can help you smoothly navigate.

Step 4: Addressing Your Result

The USPTO will either grant you the patent you applied for or deny it. If your application is denied, your lawyer can review the Office Action, which is the document the USPTO will provide to you explaining why you were denied.

Your attorney can help you understand what happened and can draw up a detailed letter in which they respond to each aspect of the Office Action. In some cases, this can lead to an appeal with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. If this is successful, you might be able to still walk away with a patent.

Why Should I Hire a Patent Attorney?

The process of securing a patent might seem straightforward, but it can be complex and time-consuming. From compiling your documents for your application and fielding questions from USPTO officials to appealing your rejection if your application is denied, there is a lot for one person to handle alone.

When you put your trust in a patent lawyer to take care of your patent needs, you can rest assured that someone is on your side and watching out for your intellectual property. Your lawyer can not only take care of your patent application, but they can also help you handle disputes that might arise about infringement.

For example, if someone accuses you of creating something that they have a patent for already or someone infringes on your patent, conflict can arise. A lawyer can help smoothly negotiate and stand up for you in court if litigation is necessary to resolve such a conflict.

Seasoned Patent Attorneys Who Are on Your Side

If you need legal aid in protecting your intellectual property with a patent, an attorney can help. Whether you are just starting your patent process and need help applying or you need strategic support for a complicated legal battle, you can put your trust in an accomplished patent attorney.

When you hire a lawyer, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy so you can stay focused on your business and personal responsibilities.

Our team of experienced, award-winning intellectual property lawyers at Trego, Hines & Ladenheim, PLLC, would be happy to handle your case. We solely focus on intellectual property and have a proven record of success with our clients. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you with your patent.

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